About Us

Scarpy Shoes has been active in the field of children’s shoes since 1970. Our company has three generations of know-how and tradition in the design and manufacture of children’s shoes and is constantly on the rise. The skill of the workers and our inexhaustible passion for the production of handmade, quality, anatomical shoes, which support the proper development of the child’s foot, contribute to this.

Scarpy Shoes has developed an extensive network of specialized partners in Greece, Italy and the Netherlands to supply excellent quality materials such as anatomical, soft soles and genuine leather. We have a wide range of numbers and designs that satisfy even the most demanding.

In recent years, our company has entered the field of women’s shoes, producing comfortable and modern shoes that meet the needs of modern women.

Our goal is to channel the greek market with quality, anatomical and stylish shoes and we are sure that with the trust we receive from our customers we will succeed!